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  • I am concerned about someone and am over 18 years old

I am concerned about someone and am over 18 years old

Talk with someone you trust

It can be helpful to share your story with a friend, family member or neighbor. Talking about it with someone close to you is a first, important step before talking with the person you're concerned about. More people than you may expect are probably willing to help. You can let off steam with this person, and come up with a next step together.

Talk with the person you worry about and try to be there for them

Door te praten met degene over wie je je zorgen maakt, kun je hem/ haar vertellen over je zorgen. Probeer samen een gesprek te hebben, je zorgen uit te spreken en je steun aan te bieden.

Chat or call 113 online (if you suspect someone is thinking about suicide)

You can talk with the people at 113Online if you suspect someone is thinking about suicide. You can call them or chat with them to get advice. 113Online is open for calls 24/7 at 0900 0113. Crisis chat is open on Monday to Friday from 10 am until 10.30 pm and on weekends from 12 am until 10.30 pm.

Emergency? Contact the police

If the person is in direct need now, there is only one option: call 112, the national emergency number. This number is intended only for emergencies.

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