Treating Borderline Personality Disorder

How do know you if you have borderline?

Only a doctor can tell you whether you have borderline and what effect it has on you. The doctor or psychologist will then talk with you and your parents and ask all kinds of questions. You may find the questions strange or much too personal, or you might even feel ashamed. That is very understandable, but it is nevertheless important that you talk about your problems. Otherwise, other people won’t be able to help you.

Will it go away?

Borderline does not go away entirely, but as an adult it is possible that you will suffer less and less from the problems associated with it. Puberty is usually when the problems are most prominent.


For yourself

  • Behavioural therapy: By means of therapy, you can learn how to deal with your behaviour and emotions. This means that you learn what to do or think in various situations. You learn to recognise problems associated with borderline and also to accept your thoughts and emotions.
  • Medication: There are various problems associated with borderline that can potentially be treated with medication. For example, medication can be prescribed to treat a gloomy mood. Keep in mind that the medication you take can have adverse effects, which means that you may actually begin to experience other problems. However, this medication is not often administered to young people.

For your parents

Your parents, brothers and sisters can also give you a lot of support, but, in order to do so, they off course have to know what the problem is and how they can help you. For this reason, the social worker will often want to talk with the entire family.

For other people around you

For adolescents with borderline, it can be difficult to handle friendships properly. That is why it is very important that friends also know what your problem is and how they should deal with you. It is also important that people at school know what your problem is and how they should deal with you. Your school programme may have to be temporarily reconfigured or you may require extra supervision.

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