Being sad, short-tempered and frequently tired and no longer wanting to do fun things – everyone feels like that from time to time. If it goes away after a while, you were just going through a rough patch. Sometimes, however, it doesn’t go away and you continue to feel unhappy. This may mean that you don’t feel good about yourself and that you are depressed.

What is depression?

Everyone can feel gloomy and lack energy from time to time. However, if this feeling lasts longer than two weeks, you might be suffering from depression.

Problems you might have in depression:

  • Feeling gloomy almost the entire day
  • Not wanting to do fun things
  • Eating a lot or very little
  • Being short-tempered
  • Not being able to sleep well
  • Not having an appetite
  • Feeling very tired
  • Having a “heavy head”
  • Feeling worthless
  • Sometimes feeling that you no longer want to live
  • Having difficulty concentrating
  • Being irritable
  • Feeling vulnerable
  • Having a feeling of emptiness
  • Don’t be alarmed if you have little to no interest in sex – that’s also part of depression.

What causes depression?

Depression can have many different causes:

  • When bad or sad things have happened, especially if they happen shortly after each other.
  • Or when something has happened in your environment that caused you to become depressed, such as your parents getting a divorce or someone dying.
  • When there is (sexual) violence.
  • When a lot of things change around you.
  • Or when things aren’t going so well at school.
  • When, for example, you get teased.
  • Your character can also play a role; for example, if you have a tendency to blame yourself.

Depression is also partly hereditary. This means that if someone in your family also feels depressed from time to time, there is a certain chance that you will also feel that way.

How common is depression in children?

Even very young children can suffer from depression. In these children, one out of every 100 has depression. In older children, the chance is four out of 100. Depression is more common in girls than in boys.

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