Psychiatry: what is that?

Child and adolescent psychiatry is a term related to doctors and hospitals. A child psychiatrist is a doctor who has studied in order to help children and adolescents who have problems. What kind of problems? Click here to read everything about these problems, and click here to see what kind of treatments are available.

A child and adolescent psychiatrist is a doctor. He or she can examine how things in your body and brain are related to how you feel, what you are like as a person and how you act. The interesting thing is that not only you, but also people around you – your parents, friends, school, teachers and neighbourhood – influence you. This is something that those who work in child psychiatry also look at. They do so by talking and consulting with you and the people around you. They sometimes also use tests.

You don’t go to a child psychiatrist or a mental healthcare clinic for young people for fun. There is a problem and things have to change and get better. After all, you are still young and a lot of change is still possible!

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