You are now in a doctor’s world. Doctors think in terms of illness, disorders and treatment. They do so because they want to understand you in order to help you properly and consult with colleagues. This terminology also makes scientific research possible.

You probably don't feel ill or 'disturbed', but it is good to get help with things which are difficult for you or which you are not so good at. This treatment is also good if there has been hardship in your life and bad things have happened, or if you are out of balance.

Continue to focus on your positive aspects. Do things that you are good at and that you like doing – and do them as often as you can. Whether it is a hobby or a sport, everyone has something they find interesting. Someone might be able to draw well, while another likes music or is good with animals. Look for support from positive people, parents, friends, teachers, coaches, aunts or uncles. This can help you through a difficult time.

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